Cath’s Notes

I created the first website for in 2008, initially to experiment with website design. Designed as a static HTML website, it didn’t change much. Around 2010, I created a new website for the domain using Google Sites. Google Sites was a content management system that I wanted explore, and that motivated me to add content to the site. As a consequence, over time, this website became a way for me to document some of the things I was learning and doing.

In 2021, I moved this website from Google Sites to WordPress. I’m still in the process of redesigning and reorganizing the site, so the layout, navigation, and overall look-and-feel of the website may change. I’ll also be removing some old information that is no longer up-to-date. Finally, as time permits, I will update and repost articles that may still be of interest. Please bear with me during these changes.

Last Updated: 28.March.2022