Fiber Arts

Like many girls growing up in the 1950s, I was required to take classes in sewing. In spite of this mandatory education, which seemed designed to destroy all interest in anything connected with needle or thread, I now find working with fiber and fabric a fun way to relax and exercise creativity. I particularly enjoy projects that are small enough to be completed quickly and portable enough to be worked on in various places. Those with a similar bent may find some of my knitting patterns of interest.

Below are previews of posts describing some of my projects and adventures with fiber arts.

  • Dan’s Scarf
    This was one of my projects for 2010. The body of the scarf is knitted in a seed stitch pattern from Red Heart yarn. It’s not a fancy yarn, but the color is nice. While acrylic yarn does not have the same hand as natural fibers, it washes easily and is less likely to cause … Read more
  • Yarn from Sweden
    When in Sweden, I had the opportunity to visit several yarn shops.  The Yllet store on Drottninggatan had attractive soft yarn made of Gotland wool.  I got a heavy worsted weight in varigated shades of blue, olive and brown.  Sticka, on Österlånggatan in Gamla Stan (i.e. Stockholm’s old town), was an attractive store with a large selection … Read more
  • Spinning by Hand
    Several years ago I learned how to make carded wool into yarn using a drop spindle. For many thousands of years, this was the primary method for producing the yarn and thread from which all cloth and clothing was made. Because it takes a long time to spin enough yarn for a garment, clothing was … Read more
  • Danish Yarn
    During a visit to Copenhagen, I enjoyed a visit to Uldstedet on Fiolstræde, where I got this beautiful yarn created by a Danish fiber artist Karen Noe.  The yarn is Rustik Naturgarn, Kobber.  It’s composed of a gray and white noil silk single plied with mercerized cotton thread in copper brown and moss green.  I knitted this up … Read more