Knitted Afghan Square

You can knit a bunch of these and join them to make an afghan. You also can use an individual square as a dishcloth.


worsted weight yarn
size 7 straight needles, US 7


Cast on 45 stitches

Rows 1-7: k45 (bottom border)

Row 8: k4 (left border); p1, *k3, p1; rep from * to last 4 stitches; k4 (right border)

Row 9: k across entire row

Rows 10-11: same as rows 8-9

Row 12: k4 (left border); k2, p1 *k3, p1; rep from * to last 6 stitches, k2; k4 (right border)

Row 13: k across entire row

Rows 14-15: same as rows 12-13

Rows 16-63: repeat rows 8-15 six times

Rows 64-67: repeat rows 8-11 once

Rows 68-73: k45 (top border)

Bind off in knit stitch.


Each square will measure 9.5 to 10″ on a side.