I’ve included a gallery in this website to share photos I’ve taken of places I’ve been and things I’ve seen. I also have some slideshows of images I’ve created by using digital tools. In some cases these are based on photos taken by me, while in other cases I’ve made use of photos and images in the public domain.

  • Bentley Snowflakes
    The slideshow below features artistic renderings of snowflakes based on photographs that were taken by Wilson A. Bentley, a 19th century Vermont farmer. In 1885, Bentley became the first person ever to capture the detail of a single snowflake in a photograph. This achievement, which was accomplished by coupling a microscope with a bellows camera, … Continue reading “Bentley Snowflakes”
  • Kew Gardens
    This slideshow features photos from Kew Gardens, including some from the Summer 2010 Butterfly Display in the Princess of Wales Conservatory. Kew Gardens is a World Heritage Site covering approximately 300 acres with a diversity of plants and garden areas of various types and designs. Throughout the year, there is beauty to enjoy, as well … Continue reading “Kew Gardens”
  • Pebble Beach
    This Google slideshow features photos taken during a visit to Pebble Beach in June of 2011. It shows various places along the Pebble Beach 17-Mile Drive. The 17-Mile Drive is a private road maintained by the Pebble Beach Company, with gates open from sunrise to sunset. There is a gate fee for automobiles and motorcycles … Continue reading “Pebble Beach”
  • Empire State Views
    This slideshow features photo I took in 2008 from open-air observation deck of the Empire State Building. We needed to take two elevators to get to the 86th floor, which is the flat level from which the spire arises. There’s now an enclosed observatory, with floor to ceiling windows, in the 102nd floor in the … Continue reading “Empire State Views”
  • Winter Color
    This slideshow features images derived from photos taken in December 2007 at the Conservatory in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, CA. The original photos did not quite capture the romantic atmosphere of the winter color, so I have applied an artistic filter to recreate the mood. Many of the plants you see here can be … Continue reading “Winter Color”