Empire State Views

This slideshow features photo I took in 2008 from open-air observation deck of the Empire State Building. We needed to take two elevators to get to the 86th floor, which is the flat level from which the spire arises. There’s now an enclosed observatory, with floor to ceiling windows, in the 102nd floor in the spire. I haven’t visited that, but I understand it also offers a 360-view from a smaller but warmer space.

This page previously showed a Flash video using the “Ken Burns” effect to create a more dynamic visual experience than the current slideshow. I was able to incorporate the video into the website (which was originally created with Google Sites) via a Google “gadget.” It was pretty cool while it worked.

It stopped working long before Adobe announced the coming demise of Flash, so I replaced it with the Google slideshow you see below. When I find time, I may try to create a new video from the original images.