Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies

1 cup peanut butter (crunchy or smooth)
½ to ¾ cup sugar (the lesser amount is necessary for crunchy peanut butter)
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Combine peanut butter, sugar, egg, and vanilla until well blended. Shape into 1” balls (or use 2 tsp scoop) onto an ungreased cookie sheet. Flatten balls in a crisscross pattern with a fork, or to make thumb-print cookies to fill with ganache.

Bake 8-14 minutes at 350º or until golden. Makes about 24 cookies.


A. Use a mixer to combine the ingredients, but take care not to mix too long – the dough becomes stiffer as it is mixed.

B. Air-cushion baking sheets work well for these. They allow more even browning without the bottoms overbaking. Using these, allow 12-14 minutes for baking.