Tech Talk

This section is dedicated to my fellow nerds.

  • Ecological Correlation
    An ecological correlation is a correlation based on group means, rather than measurements from individuals. For example, if we are interested in the relationship between urbanization and national prosperity, we might look across countries to see if there is a correlation between the percentage of people living in urban areas and GDP per capita. This … Read more
  • Computer Security
    Overview A well-protected computer will have the following installed, active and up-to-date: firewall anti-virus software malware scanner The computer will be set to automatically check for security updates to the operating system and all key software, and these updates will be installed either automatically by the computer or promptly by a diligent user. In addition, … Read more
  • Virtual Phone Numbers
    Update: March 2022 Time has passed and things have changed — a lot. I’m in the process of updating this post, but you can’t rely on the information that’s here now. A virtual phone number can be used for several purposes: To provide a “disposable” phone number for use in a venue such as Craigslist … Read more
  • Firefox Add-ons
    These are some Firefox add-ons that I find useful: ColorZilla ColorZilla is a Firefox add-on that provides tools for web page color analysis.  (As of September 2010, ColorZilla does not work with any other browsers.)  Once installed, ColorZilla provides an eyedropper and a pull-down menu in the lower left corner of the browser frame.  The … Read more