Over the years, I have used a number of Google apps and services. The articles below share some of my learnings and experiences.

  • Google Photos & Google Drive
    If you have a Google account — and who doesn’t? — you may have discovered that there are various ways to upload photos to that account. You also may have noticed that there seem to be two different places where your photos can be stored: Google Photos and Google Drive. This post explains the basics … Read more
  • A Farewell to Google Sites
    There are different ways one can go about building a website, and the choice of methods should depend on the nature and purpose of the website. Years ago, I created a new website for using Google Sites, and it was a great choice at the time. As an early adopter of Google Apps, I … Read more
  • Embedding a Google Doc
    If you have Internet access and a Google account (and who doesn’t?), you may know that Google Docs is a handy way to create a document you can store on Google Drive, and also print or download if you wish. A Google Doc can also be embedded into a website. The embed is dynamic and … Read more