Copenhagen is a beautiful city that’s designed to make getting around on a bicycle or by walking easy and safe. It’s a place where everything seems to work smoothly, sensibly and straightforwardly.

Below you will find previews of my posts on various aspects of Copenhagen. There are links you can click on if you want to read more.

  • Copenhagen: Nyhavn
    Nyhavn means “New Harbor.” The harbor referred to is an extension that was dug out around 1670 to allow ships to sail in from the sea and unload directly at Kongens Nytorv. Today this canal houses a number of museum ships, as well as privately owned veteran wooden ships. The street along the water is … Read more
  • Copenhagen: Skuespilhuset
    If you walk along Nyhavn to the Inderhaven (Inner Harbor) and look to the north, you will see a modern brick and glass building known as Skuespilhuset, which is now the main venue for drama performances by the Royal Danish Theater.  Skuespilhuset, which was designed by Lundgaard & Tranberg, is stunning to look at — … Read more
  • Copenhagen: Amaliehaven
    The Amaliehaven (Amalie Garden) is a long and narrow park that runs parallel to the Inderhaven (Inner Harbor) between Larsens Plads and Toldbodegade. At each end of the long axis is a water feature sculpted by Arnaldo Pomodoro. These are connected by paths with a large fountain and four pillars (also sculpted by Pomodoro) at … Read more
  • Copenhagen: SMK
    The SMK (Statens Museum for Kunst) is the National Gallery of Denmark. It has an interesting collection of works from various times and places. The interior space of the museum, giving a wonderful sense of space and light, is in itself an aesthetic experience. In addition to paintings and graphic arts, the SMK provides dimensional … Read more