To be tired of London is to be tired of Life

Samuel Johnson said something like this

London combines historical preservation and nostalgia with embrace of change and modernity, not only in the large, but also in the small.

The iconic red telephone box that provided access, in a very British way, to once new technology in a continues on as a black Wi-Fi hot spot — or a solar-powered charging kiosk, or a defibrillator station, or mini cafe, or whatever can be made to work in a small but sheltered space.

For the return visitor, London is always familiar and always new. This is not paradox, this is London.

Below you will find previews of my posts on various aspects of London. There are links you can click on if you want to read more.

  • Art by J. M. W. Turner
    During trips to London, I’ve had the opportunity to see many works by J. M. W. Turner. The Tate Britain, which has an extensive collection of works by Turner, provides a unique opportunity to see the range and evolution of style for an individual artist. The National Gallery on London’s Trafalgar Square also has a … Continue reading “Art by J. M. W. Turner”
  • London: Hampton Court
    Travel from central London to Hampton Court can be accomplished in 3-4 hours via boat or in 30-40 minutes via train. While the boat trip would have been scenic, as well as the method of travel used when the first palace was built by Cardinal Wolsey (chief minister to Henry VIII) around 1514, we always … Continue reading “London: Hampton Court”
  • London: 2101 Butterfly House
    I was at Kew Gardens during the Summer Festival that was held May 29 – September 5, 2010. During this time, there was a Butterfly House located in the Princess of Wales Conservatory. This provided an excellent opportunity to observe and photograph a variety of butterflies. You can see more photos from this visit in … Continue reading “London: 2101 Butterfly House”
  • London: 2010 Elephant Parade
    During our 2010 visit to London, as we were walking across St. James Park, we saw several large, colorful statues of elephants.  These were part of Elephant Parade London, an event designed to raise funds and increase awareness of the endangered status of Asian elephants, whose numbers have declined by 90% over the past 100 … Continue reading “London: 2010 Elephant Parade”