I grew up in Columbus, Ohio and got my undergraduate degree at Ohio State University. I moved away from Ohio shortly after graduating from OSU, and I had little awareness of how my birthplace was being impacted by “time and change” while I was busy with graduate school and the early demands of a professional career. After becoming more established in adult life, I’ve returned to Ohio many times, not only for short visits with family and friends, but also for more extended stays when family members required assistance and care.

Below you will find previews of posts about Ohio. Some of them are written from the point of view of a tourist, while others are written from the point of view of a Buckeye.

  • Keeping Sheep in Ohio
    Ohio has many rural areas in which folks practice farming on a small scale, more for enjoyment than for profit. In addition to being able to harvest your own vegetables is the dream of some, a small farm will often have space for some animals. For those so inclined, keeping a small flock of sheep … Continue reading “Keeping Sheep in Ohio”