n September 2010, Dan and I had the opportunity to travel to Stockholm.  Prior to the trip, I was assured that nearly everyone I would encounter in Stockholm would be able to speak English.  This was indeed true, but I decided to learn a little Swedish for the sake of politeness.  Words and phrases I found particularly useful were:

 hello hej  you’re welcome varsågod
 goodbye hej då  excuse me (for attention) ursäkta
 yes ja  excuse me (apology) förlåt
 no nej  I don’t understand Jag förstår inte
 please snälla  I can’t speak Swedish Jag kan inte tala svenska
 thanks tack  Could you talk in English? Kan du prata engelska?
 Kan du engelska?

Below you will find previews of my posts on various aspects of Stockholm. There are links you can click on if you want to read more.

  • Stockholm: Gamla Stan
    The city of Stockholm began as a settlement on the central island of Stadsholmen.  The area comprising this island and several smaller adjacent islands is now known as Gamla Stan.  Walking along the cobbled streets of the “old town,” with their interesting shops and restaurants, was one of the highlights of our trip.  We also … Continue reading “Stockholm: Gamla Stan”
  • Stockholm: Vasa Museum
    Located on the island of Djurgården, this museum was built to display the Vasa, a Swedish warship that sunk in 1628 and was then recovered in 1961.  In addition to being the only ship of its era still in existence, the fascinating stories of its sinking and recovery make the Vasa a unique attraction.  The architecture of the … Continue reading “Stockholm: Vasa Museum”
  • Stockholm: Skansen
    Skansen is a large (approximately 75 acre) open air museum and zoo located on the island of Djurgården (as is the Vasa Museum). During our half-day visit, we did not expect to see it all, but we were able to walk around most of it.  Skansen has buildings, exhibits, and activities that show what Swedish … Continue reading “Stockholm: Skansen”