Food and cooking play an important role in human culture. Cooking allows humans to eat a wider variety of foods and digest them more efficiently than would otherwise be possible. We often consider the food we eat (and don’t eat) to be part of our identity. Sharing food and eating meals together is a fundamental social experience.

At a secondary level, sharing our thoughts, experiences, and discoveries concerning food is a way of connecting and creating common ground. So below you will find links to my online recipe collection and previews of posts about cooking and food.

For more recipes, see my Recipes page. Below are previews of posts about food.

  • Cookies & Candy
    Dan and I have been making cookies for over 35 years now.  We especially enjoy making cookies at Christmas time to share with family and friends.  In the early years, we kept with a few tried and true recipes: pressed spritz, brandy balls and Dan’s famous chocolate chip cookies.  After tiring of these, we began … Continue reading “Cookies & Candy”
  • Caggionetti for Christmas
    When I was a child, one of the Christmas treats I enjoyed were cookies made by my Italian aunts. My favorites were the cookies we called caggiunitts. I never saw these anywhere else, and when I was older I became curious about how they were made. My aunt Edith told me that the dough was … Continue reading “Caggionetti for Christmas”